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Our Mission

We are committed to keeping our restaurant green! We recycle, use bio-degradable take out containers, use only fair trade coffees and teas; all our fish is from sustainable sources, we buy locally whenever possible and use the finest ingredients from local artisan chefs. We use biodegradable cleaners and recycled paper towels. We hope you do the same.Our mission is to Show the Love to our planet and each other.

To serve the highest quality food with ultimate flavor, wonderful wines, top quality coffees and fresh baked pastries and bread; and to provide a wonderful dining experience that is reflected in delicious food, an intimate leisure atmosphere, with drink and great service.



Our Commitment

We use locally grown and harvested products when possible, we use organic when we can, we insist on fair trade for our purveyors and use recycled products where possible, such as the paper used in our to-go coffee cups. This all costs us more but we feel that you deserve the best. We strive to bring you the best service, the warmest environment and the best food, and hope that we have achieved this for you.

Our Story

Stardust Cafe opened on Valentine’s Day, 2005. We named the café ‘Stardust’ as a nod to Ms. Clingman, the remarkable woman who rana restaurant in this very location. Our plan for the café, and what came to be, was light years apart.

 We thought we were going to be a sleepy little family run coffee shop, run by husband and wife, with top quality pastries made by our close family friend, Gina Anderson.

However, the café and its guests had something else in mind. Soon we were a robust gathering place where guests mingle among tables, where friendships and romances begin and appetites are satisfied. Soon we realized that help was needed and Anja came aboard, followed shortly thereafter by Lori and Lorrie. We now have a dozen wonderful employees!

The demand for high quality food and great service in a casual atmosphere became apparent. Unwilling to compromise on quality, I felt a partnership with our customers. Quality ingredients, including European butter, extra virgin olive oil, fresh local vegetables, local artisan bread, lovely pastries, organic local beef, fair-trade coffees, wonderful wines from around the world, and micro-brewed beer, are all included as our everyday fare!

We are only half of the equation; you are the other. Our customers have been remarkable in their grace, loyal support, compliments and joy of life that make our combined experience so wonderful. And for you we are grateful.Thank you!

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